Doe Patrol™ | Classic Patch Hats
Doe Patrol™ | Classic Patch Hats
Doe Patrol™ | Classic Patch Hats
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Doe Patrol™ | Classic Patch Hats

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Deer season is kicking and and that means it's time for some of that Deer Thirty!  We stick to what's important: We hunt, we cook and we sip a few cold ones by the camp fire.  That's what it's all about!  Join us this season with some of that Deer Thirty!

Our newest partner brand Doe Patrol™ apparel is now available!  We all hunt those big bucks but it's hard to beat that green light to go on doe patrol and put some meat on the ground! If you can do it with a good looking gal by your side, even better! Keep those eyes peeled and let the games begin!  

Classic Patch Hats

  • High Quality Custom Doe Patrol™ Patch
  • Old School Construction
  • Plastic Snap Back Rear Closure 
  • 5 Panel
  • Retro Rope on Front



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